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Spokane Baseball Gear – Watching baseball on TV is like watching paint dry, but playing with good baseball gear in Spokane is a blast. I don’t know why baseball doesn’t translate to TV well, maybe the pace is just too slow. But actually playing baseball is great. It's America's pastime.

Spokane Baseball Equipment

Baseball gear in Spokane is available online and at local sporting goods stores. Because baseball players prefer different styles and sizes when it comes to baseball gear, you'll want to try on that pair of baseball cleats at a local retailer before making a purchase online. Baseball gear in Spokane includes bats, gloves, baseballs, batting gloves, sliding shorts, batting helmets,

catcher’s equipment, and baseball apparel. If you're looking for some top-notch gear,

Nike has invested a ton of money on marketing its line of baseball gear in Spokane.  Future hall of fame members, including Alex Rodrigez and Derek Jeter, both endorse Nike baseball gear.  Under Armour is an athletic supplier based out of Maryland that started out producing spandex-like undershirts for football players, but now has their eye on the baseball market.  Spalding and Wilson are two of the more traditional brands when it comes to baseball gear; they have both been around for a long time but are not willing to spend the kind of money Nike and Adidas do on advertising their baseball gear in Spokane. The message is simple, sport. You want to be a pro, you're going to need the pro's baseball equipment in Spokane.

Probably every kid who grew up playing baseball always wanted the Spokane baseball gear that their favorite major league ball player wore. You probably wanted a pair of flip-up sunglasses like Ken Griffey Junior wore on sunny days in center field. You thought it would be so cool to flip my sunglasses up and down like The Kid. Even if you never did get a pair of those flip-up sunglasses, at least you managed to get Ken Griffey Junior’s chocolate candy bar and several of his baseball cards. You probably have a thousand pieces of that stale gum in a box in the attic. You might want to see if it's worth anything.

Baseball gear in Spokane can also be bought second hand. It doesn’t make much sense to buy your kids a brand new pair of expensive baseball shoes when he always grows out of his shoes faster than he can wear them out. The Internet is a great place to start, but the local Play-it-Again Sports also has a wide selection of gently used baseball gear in Spokane, if you would rather go with the brick and mortar route.

An important part of baseball gear in Spokane would be a cup to protect the groin area of a player. It might be funny to watch Dad get nailed in the groin on America’s Funniest Home Videos, but it’s no laughing matter when you’re the one face down on the infield dirt. Don't forget your cup, son. It's worth every penny.

Spokane Baseball Gear

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