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Spokane Hiking Gear – It’s so much more than snazzy shoes. It’s a whole lifestyle. Make sure you have the proper hiking gear in Spokane. You wouldn’t want to shame yourself with the wrong kind of trekking staff, would you?

Spokane Gear for Hiking

Since hiking is basically walking at a rapid pace, the most important piece of hiking gear in Spokane are the specialized shoes and socks. For most people, it’s common sense to buy a comfortable, sturdy shoe that will work for a long hike, but many people forget to buy quality socks. Cheap, thin socks will

often lead to blisters, even when worn with high-quality hiking shoes.

Hiking gear in Spokane can be found at a number of local retailers. You can find just about anything you need online, but if you want to get the best deals, check out your local REI or GI Joes. Since each brand of shoes fits a little bit different, it’s important to try on all the shoes before you actually put down any cash. Remember, your feet are going to be carrying all the load, so invest in some decent hiking gear.
If you're headed to the mountains, make sure you check your hiking gear list before you leave. A good hiking gear checklist will include a strong walking stick, food and water, proper clothing, and more. If you're unsure what should be included in your hiking gear checklist, look online for ideas. There are hiking gear stores everywhere!

Spokane Hiking Gear for Dogs

If you've got a furry friend, remember that having the proper hiking gear for dogs in Spokane will keep your pooch happy and healthy. There are several differnt kinds of Spokane hiking gear for dogs. It's good to make Fido carry his own weight: you can strap a little pouch on his back and have him carry his own water, food, and poop. Not all hiking gear for dogs is silly, but dog shoes and booties are one of the most hilarious thing you can buy. You can buy dog hats and sunglasses, too. But if you're going to hit the dusty trail, consider getting some hiking gear for dogs in Spokane.

When you’re purchasing hiking gear in Spokane, you need to consider the climate of your hike. If you’re purchasing cold-weather gear, make sure you take the amount of exercise you’re going to be doing into account. You’ll work up a sweat on your hike no matter what, so make sure that your hiking clothes are light, breathable, and easy to layer. As you progress on your hike, your body temperature will rise, and you’ll need to remove layers as you progress to control your core temperature. If you sweat a lot, then stop and rest, your temperature can quickly drop, so be careful.

You can use Spokane hiking gear off of the trail, too. Those scuffed-up shoes can make quite the fashion statement, you know.

Spokane Hiking Gear

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