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Spokane Brass Instruments – Put those lips to good use! Get thee to a music store and check out the brass instruments in Spokane.

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Did you know that the first trumpets were built from conch shells? Artifacts from ancient Egypt have been uncovered with straight tubes and flared bells – the first real “brass instruments.” In Spokane, you can find great-sounding trumpets, tubas, French horns, and more.

The brass instruments in Spokane use vibration and resonance, produced by forcing air through tubes, to produce various pitches of sound.

It’s pretty easy to just pick up a trumpet, purse your lips, and blow. The sound will be horrific and may scare

nearby kittens and old women. They say, “practice makes perfect,” and this is especially true with brass instruments in Spokane.

They say a poorly played Spokane brass instrument offers a glimpse of hell, and a well-played one offers a glimpse of heaven. Unfortunately, we tend to see hell more often than heaven in this world. Such is life. Brass instruments, like the trumpet, the French horn, and the tuba are wonderful.

If you're in need of a brass instrument in Spokane, rent, don't buy. Renting brass instruments in Spokane is a better option for most people. It just makes good financial sense.

If you have children, it’s an American tradition to force them to join the school band for at least a couple of years. Might we suggest brass instruments in Spokane for the most impact? Are your kids giving you guff at home? Make them wear a silly hat and an ancient, sweat-inducing uniform, and then have them march about a football field with a tuba. It’s a great way to ensure they won’t talk back any more.

Not only band geeks play brass instruments in Spokane. Professional musicians are expected to know a whole range of instruments, so it’s good to learn the trumpet, the tuba, or the French horn. Some people are so good at playing the trumpet, French horn, or tuba that they make a career out of it. Those folks are fairly rare, yes, but they make quite a bit of money.

Speaking of money, you can spend a small fortune on brass instruments in Spokane if you really want to, but why do that when there are some great second hand music stores out there offering great deals? Wisemann and RS Berkley are popular brands of brass instruments. 

So whether you want to play the oboe, the clarinet, the alto horn, the baritone horn, the french horn, the flute, the piccolo, the saxophone, the trombone, the tuba, or the cornet - the biggest investment you will need to make is time.  If you don't spend the time practicing your brass instrument in Spokane it really won't matter how much you spend.   

Spokane Brass Instruments

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