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Spokane Collectibles – Nothing pulls a room together like a commemorative plate, featuring Gen. Eisenhower. With the help of collectibles in Spokane, you can fill up your curio cabinet with priceless NASCAR commemorative plates and stuffed bears: they're unique, rare, and may be valuable.

Collectible Merchandise

One fun way to show your support for a company or a cause is to collect all the official merchandise they produce! For example, you could collect all the officially licensed products produced by the Pepsi-Cola Company, to show your support for their fine sugar-water products. You can
get many kinds of collectibles in Spokane: toys, apparel, signs, plates, bobbleheads, action figures, and much, much more. 

What Are Collectibles in Spokane?

By definition, a collectible is usually manufactured with the intent of being collected – like a commemorative Elvis plate. This makes collectibles different than ephemera (cheap things which weren’t manufactured to be collected) and natural item collections – like butterflies.

There are many popular “fad” collectibles in Spokane and all over the nation. We all remember the Beanie Baby craze in the ‘90s! Current hot collectibles include music boxes, “lifelike baby” dolls, and Thomas Kinkaid paintings.

Collectors’ Items

When Spokane collectibles are handmade, signed, or are otherwise 100 percent unique, collectors refer to them as “one of a kind.” If you find a defect or a mistake in your collection, it might not be a bad thing. Instead, you could be the proud owner of a unique collectible. Check online to see if there are others like yours: if not, you might be able to sell it for thousands of dollars! There’s no guarantee that your collectible’s flaw makes it “one of a kind,” but if it is, you could be looking at a tidy profit!

While not all financial advisors would suggest you invest in collectibles, the choice is ultimately up to you. Remember, you can’t show off your 401k to visitors, but your shrine to AC/DC will stay in their memory forever!

Spokane Collectibles

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