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Spokane Antique Furniture - I'm comforted knowing that thousands of butts, over a hundred years, have rested on my sofa.  That's why I get Antique Furniture in Spokane.  Plus, it looks great next to my gilded, leather-bound tomes.

Spokane Antique Furnishings

Who doesn’t like to go antiquing? If you enjoy walking through musty old houses, check out our hand-painted, stately furniture. We have Victorian sideboards, Elizabethan chairs, and even priceless Ming vases. We offer you the chance to find only the finest in antique furniture.

Look down at your

chair. Do you see heavy brass, glossy leather, and dark, rich ebony? If the answer is “no,” then you need to consider upgrading the furniture in your house.

Antiquated Furniture in Spokane

Our Spokane antique furniture would be a wonderful addition to your home – try placing one of our professionally restored pieces in your sitting room or your dining room. Your guests will be impressed and your home’s value will rise. You’re sure to love the atmosphere that our period antique furniture in Spokane will bring to your little home.

Antique furniture from Spokane can add a classy flair to your home, even if it’s a brand-new condo. See, it’s considered elegant to own aged pieces of furniture, even if they don’t hold any sentimental value for you. Ideally, you already have one or two pieces – say, a bookcase and end table – so you can try and match the time period. It can be fun to search for original furniture by specific artist or from a certain geographic location.

Were you aware that there is a legal definition for “antique furniture?” The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 suggests that only items produced before 1830 are legitimately “antique,” since the process of mass production began around that time period. However, anything that’s older than your parents is usually considered thoroughly aged in our American culture.

Spokane Antique Furniture

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