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Seattle Armoires and Wardrobes – A classy way to stash your threads. If you need more storage space, consider buying armoires and wardrobes in Seattle. Don’t just pile your clean laundry on the floor; give it a little place to live. 

Wardrobes and Armories in Seattle 

Furniture should be useful and attractive. If you’re looking for an attractive way to store your family’s clothing, don’t buy dressers – get armoires or wardrobes in Seattle. There are models with two, three, or four internal drawers, with double doors and upper and lower storage shelves.

Before there were closets, there were armoires and wardrobes in Seattle. Freestanding closets have been used since the 17th century. Early wardrobes (armoires in French) were just simple cupboards

and lockers, and as people became wealthier, the furniture became more intricate. In Seattle, wardrobes and armoires work in tandem to hold

Occasionally, people put antique wardrobes and armoires in Seattle up for auction. You can find examples of unique woodwork, rare woods, and passages to foreign lands where it’s always winter. Always winter, and never Christmas. It's probably more important to find a good bedroom armoire in Seattle, though. They're typically used to hold clothing. Armoires and wardrobes come in classy modern and antique styles, too.

Did you know that wardrobes were originally built to a specific size? In the 18th century, a common goal was to build Seattle armories and wardrobes to hold “eight small men.” Apparently, they used to keep dwarfs in armoires and wardrobes. Seattle lets you innovate your home to create more storage space.

Closet wardrobes are the most common kind of wardrobe -- they are ideal for smaller closets, because they allow you to fit a great deal of clothing in a small space. However, if you have a walk-in closet, wardrobes will work well. You might even be able to fit two or more in your space.

Some armoires and wardrobes in Seattle are used for holding objects other than clothing – there are ones designed for computer systems, kitchen appliances, and general storage. Today, you can find authentic antiques or settle for faux-antique finishes. Depending on your budget for furniture, you may want to consider visiting some secondhand furniture shops and searching online for deals on wardrobes and armoires in Seattle.

You’d be surprised how many folks in Seattle are wardrobe fans. Ask around at your workplace for tips on how to get the best deal on a new armoire. You might find that someone has enjoyed theirs for years, but they’re moving across the country next month, and darn it, the wardrobe costs too much to carry to the coast.

Seattle Armoires and Wardrobes

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