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Recycling Household Appliances

Just because the dryer caught on fire, doesn't mean that you can't recycle it in Barrie. Okay, maybe it sort of does, but someone out there can probably do something with the scraps.

After appliances are collected they can be resold, landfilled or recycled. Appliances that are in working condition may be refurbished and resold domestically or abroad to developing countries. However, these appliances can consume large amounts of electricity and are less efficient toward their end-of-life. Appliances brought to a landfill may be separated until a technician removes the hazardous components, but are often landfilled whole, without shredding or

removal of durable parts. Appliance recycling typically involves the recovery of usable parts, the removal of hazardous components, and the shredding of leftover materials.

To reduce energy demand, ozone depletion, and global climate impacts, older appliances should be recycled. For general information on how to recycle household appliances, please view the following:


Toilet recycling programs across the country can turn old toilets into crushed porcelain for a variety of purposes. For instance, glass or concrete crushers at recycling facilities can process ceramic toilets into finely crushed pebbles, which can be added into asphalt for paving roads. Recycled toilets can also be used for building foundations, trail pavement, mulch or artificial reefs. Crushed porcelain not only keeps discarded toilets out of landfills, it also reduces the need to mine gravel, saving money and benefiting the environment. To find out if toilet recycling is available in your community, contact your state municipal solid waste program.

Appliances Containing Refrigerants (Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, humidifiers, etc.)

Some older appliances contain ozone-depleting refrigerants and/or foam blowing agents, depending on the year they were manufactured. In addition to depleting the ozone layer, these substances are greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change when emitted into the atmosphere.

To recycle these appliances, you should first check with your electric utility to see if a bounty program is offered in your area. A bounty program is an appliance turn-in program that pays a "bounty" to collect and recycle old, inefficient appliances. If a bounty program is not available, you can contact your state municipal solid waste program. Municipalities may require you to make an appointment for bulky item collection. Some municipalities charge a fee for refrigerated appliance collection or require you to haul items to a transfer station or dump. Other municipalities may require the refrigerant to be recovered from appliances before they will accept it for pick-up. In such cases, owners would need to hire a technician with certified recovery equipment to remove the refrigerant prior to disposal.

In addition, the Recycle My Old Fridge Campaign encourages every American who owns an old, inefficient refrigerator to save money, energy and the environment by recycling it and, when a replacement is needed, to buy a new Energy Star qualified refrigerator. The campaign is a nationwide effort brought to you by the Department of Energy (DOE) and the Energy Star program. Please visit the campaign's web site to find a refrigerator recycling program near you.

Other Appliances (Stoves, sinks, dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, etc.)

For information on the disposal of an old appliance, please call your city's recycling center and ask if a recycling program exists; contact information can be found in your local yellow pages under "Recycle." You may also wish to contact your state municipal solid waste program. Be sure to find out if you need to bring the item(s) to a specific facility or if they provide curbside pick-up.

Additional information on recycling household appliances in your community is available at The green "Start Recycling" box can help you find where you can recycle by entering a product and your location.

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