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Ponca City Barter and Trade – Just like on the Oregon Trail: trading worthless things for gold. Try to barter and trade in Ponca City when you're low on cash. It can work.

It sounds strange to the American ear, but bartering is actually used every day. Money is just one way of paying for goods. If you help your friend paint his fence in exchange for lunch and a six-pack of beer, then you’re taking part in the complex system of barter and trade in Ponca City.

Companies take part in
the unofficial Ponca City barter and trade system all the time. When a pizza delivery driver exchanges his company’s wares for a few smoothies at juice bar, he’s bartering (probably without his boss’ knowledge). 

Bartering in Ponca City

So how can bartering help you, the average Joe or Jill? Well, if you have a talent like fixing cars or computers, creating art or delicious pies, or cleaning up backyards or kitchens, you can barter. Try it next time you stop by the furniture store or the farmer’s market, take a business card with your name and talents. When you see something you want, talk to the owner and convince him that your skills are better than money. Just like that, you’re taking part in the amazing circle of barter and trade in Ponca City.

Not every sale is ideal for bartering – if you agree to trade your painting skills for a new Porsche, you’re going to be doing a lot of caricatures of dealership employees. But for small transactions, your hidden talent could be a whole new way of “paying.”

The Ponca City barter and trade system exists, whether you use it or not. Just think, your next-door neighbor is offering eggs from his chicken in exchange for his newspaper subscription and you’re stuck with a big bill. Get off your tush and get cracking! No, sorry. Dysentery is not an excuse.

Ponca City Barter and Trade

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