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Financial Funding for Inventions

If you are looking for financial funding for your Wilmington NC invention, there are several resources that may help you find assistance available for researching, developing, patenting, or marketing your invention. Start by contacting any companies or organizations in the Wilmington NC area that might share an interest in your idea or invention. You may be able to obtain guidance and resources for researching your idea or private funding for developing or marketing your invention. The government does not typically provide funding for inventions.

You might also contact the
TEXT-DECORATION: underline">Small Business Administration (SBA). While the SBA does not provide direct funding for inventions, they will be able to assist you in learning how to start a business, to market and manufacture your invention, and should provide you with referrals to financial resources. The main SBA website has links to a variety of resources and services.

Additionally, the SBA provides three online publications that focus on inventors and their inventions.

Finally, you may wish to contact the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for more information and assistance on obtaining a patent for your invention.