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Raleigh Pottery and Glass Art - Who says art has to be "exciting" or "interesting".  Be bold and boring with pottery and glass art in Raleigh.

When a skilled pottery and glass artisan gets his or her hands on a lump of clay or a pile of sand, magic happens. They can make psychedelic designs or useful table pieces.

Working with clay is relaxing and fun, you probably don’t want to spend hours at the potter’s wheel. You can find glassblowing and pottery classes online, but it will take years before you can display your
personal designs in your home without shame. Instead, you should think about buying some local glass art and pottery in Raleigh. Your house will look classier, your friends and family will be impressed, and you will have helped stimulate the economy, in a small way.

Raleigh Glass Art and Pottery

Have you seen those incredible octopus-like glass sculptures that Dale Chihuly makes? They’re all over the world! You can look for his stuff online, but just know that his use of color and form is incredible.

While you may never be able to afford a Chihuly piece, you can find deals on local Raleigh glass art and pottery pieces. Here’s a tip: if you’re interested in a specific local glass or pottery artist, try contacting the person directly. You can show interest in his or her studio and strike up a quick friendship. If you get to know an artist, it’s very likely they will offer a discount on your Raleigh pottery and glass art.

If a loved one’s birthday is on the horizon, it might be nice to look for a piece of art for a gift. Everyone loves getting art for a special occasion. It’s not a “functional gift,” but it will make your loved one’s house more of a home. When you’re ready to support your local economy, start looking into the local Raleigh pottery and glass art scene.

Raleigh Pottery and Glass Art

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