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Where to Vote

It's voting time again. But where do you vote in Brandon MS? This helpful article will show you where to register and vote in Brandon MS, info on absentee ballots, and much more.

A polling place or polling station is a location where voters go to cast their ballot in an election. The polling place is staffed with officials (who may be called election judges, returning officers, or other titles) who monitor the voting procedures and assist voters with the election process. Poll watchers are independent or partisan observers who ensure the impartiality of the process. Polls are open between

specified hours. Political advertising is usually prohibited within the polling place/station and the immediate area.

In the United States, a polling place must fly the United States flag during voting hours to signal that the site is open and conducting a vote. Inside will be an area where voters may select the candidate or party of their choice in secret.

For information on where to vote in your state, please contact your state election office or visit the Voter Resources page from the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and click on "Find Your Polling Place."

Please note: Some states allow eligible voters to cast their votes before Election Day; this is commonly called early voting. To see if your state allows this, contact your state election office. Also, no states conduct Internet voting.

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